Reiki Light

 The "Ki" To Better Health

Classes Taught by Richard Gubbe


Rock Valley College Classes with Richard Gubbe in 2014

Reiki Master RICHARD GUBBE has been teaching the Usui System of Tibetan Reiki Healing for the past 27 years and has instructed more than 2,800 students and 500 Reiki Master Teachers worldwide. He Started teaching classes in Las Vegas 30 years ago.


Reiki I 

Learn to heal yourself and others with Reiki Universal Light Energy. This energy healing system is recognized as the most effective technique to heal the body, mind or spirit. Anyone can learn to utilize the same White Light Energy Healing that is used in hospitals and medical clinics throughout the world. Reiki, the Japanese word for “Light Energy,” accelerates the body's healing process and provides physical and spiritual healing, relaxation and stress relief, along with personal growth and awareness. Reiki Students learn all the necessary steps to become a healer and are attuned to use Universal Energy. This class is offered to the general public as well as those in the healing arts. Massage tables are welcome but not necessary. There are no prerequisites and certificates are awarded and honored worldwide. Cost $74. Bell Campus

Reiki II

Learn the ancient secrets of Distance Energy Healing and the use of ancient healing symbols in this advanced Reiki class in the Usui System of Reiki Energy Healing. The use of light energy along with visualization and color therapy are explored. Learn how powerful ancient symbols and intent are used to amplify the healing process and learn how to send White Light Energy treatments anywhere. Experience further personal growth and awareness through intensified Reiki training. Reiki II certificates (given by the instructor) are awarded and honored worldwide. Bring a notebook and dress casually. Prerequisite: Reiki I. Cost $149

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