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Are Available In The Las Vegas Area
From 30-year Reiki Master Teacher Richard S. Gubbe

Reiki Master Richard S. Gubbe is a Reiki Master Teacher
body worker who provides Reiki treatments and deep tissue work in the Las Vegas area.  He has been a Reiki Master Teacher and treatment specialist since 1987 and has performed deep tissue treatments, including Shiatsu Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy, since 1990.

He is the longest-standing Reiki Master in Northern Illinois.  Since earning his Reiki III Masters Level Degree in 1987, Mr. Gubbe has taught more than 2,600 students throughout the United States. He has trained more than 450 Reiki Master Level Teachers.

Mr. Gubbe took his first Reiki class in 1985 in Peoria, Ill. He received his Reiki II Degree in Green Bay Wisc., taught by Reiki Master Linda Kaiser of Archedigm Inc. of Washington, D.C.  Ms. Kaiser was a student of current Reiki Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto, one of the original 22 Occidental Reiki Masters trained by Grand Master Hawayo Takata of Hawaii.

            In 1987, he received his Reiki III Masters Training degree from renowned Reiki Master Arthur Robertson of the Omega Dawn Sanctuary in Tampa, Fla.  Mr. Robertson was trained by Iris Ishikuru and Virginia Samdahl, also original Masters trained by Takata.  Mr. Robertson also studied extensively in India and Tibet and was highly regarded in the Reiki community.

            Mr. Gubbe was the first to teach Reiki at a junior college level in the United States, working as a community education instructor at Clark County Community College (NV) from 1989 through 1996.  He began teaching at Rock Valley College in 2003 and now offers the first two degrees and a Reiki Share class there. He teaches Reiki Masters privately.  He also teaches a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses for massage therapists.  In 2008, he began offering classes at Kishwaukee College in Malta.  He also has taught Visualization, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Preventative Health Practices classes at Rock Valley, College of Southern Nevada and Kiswaukee colleges.

            He teaches Reiki classes privately and in small groups and offers treatments in Reiki, acupressure and deep tissue work.  He also teaches classes for local massage schools and massage therapy centers.  He was the first to be approved by the State Department of Education in Nevada for post-secondary education in massage schools in that state.

             Mr. Gubbe currently is the President of the Board of Directors of Reiki Energy International, a 509 (a) 2 public charity that focuses on the education, community service, research and lineage for Reiki practitioners.  The group provides free treatments to the general public at health fairs. He also teaches a Reiki Share class for RVC, which provides additional Reiki training during 12 weeks of each of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters on Wednesday evenings at the Bell Campus.

He holds a journalism degree from Southern Illinois University and has written for numerous national and regional magazines and newspapers.  He has received numerous awards in writing and held many editing positions.  
            He also has given numerous speeches and demonstrations at libraries, churches, wellness centers and healing sanctuaries. Mr. Gubbe is available for lectures and demonstrations on the healing arts throughout the United States.

Private Classes are available upon request.  Call 815 670-2620



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